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In 1947 Vogue published a love letter to Central Park written and illustrated by Marcel Vertès, one of the Godzilla ugly christmas shirt and by the same token and magazine’s most colorful contributors. Born in Hungary, Vertès served in the First World War before heading to Paris via Vienna. According to Annex Galleries, the budding artist supported himself by making forgeries of the work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. This is highly ironic because in 1953 Vertès won two Academy Awards (for Best Costume and Best Production Design) for his contributions to the movie Moulin Rouge, which was based on the life of the French painter and chronicler of Parisian nightlife. (A year earlier the British Academy gave a joint best costume award to Vertès and Elsa Schiaparelli.) It’s been reported that the burlesque performer Gypsy Lee Rose had a room in her home dedicated to Vertès’s work.

Godzilla ugly christmas shirt

Vertès also designed ballets for circuses, mainly “because they give him a good opportunity to draw men and women in form-fitting clothes,” explained Willa Gray Martin, in a 1943 interview she did for The Palm Beach Post. In it she describes Vertès as a man who “paints a world of perfumed women.” Maybe so, but they weren’t always innocents. In 1972 Vertès published a book of his “erotic perceptions” for his friends. Impressionistic is how the Godzilla ugly christmas shirt and by the same token and artist described his work, and it’s true that he was able to capture essential information while leaving room for interpretation. His line seems as quick-witted as he must have been. That might be Vertès himself, in the trench coat with the collar up, walking his chien through le beau Central Park. His meditation on those daily promenades are reprinted below.

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