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Given the increasing support for firearm rights at the state level and the increasing number of firearm owners who identify as liberals, getting anything meaningful through Congress will be next to impossible. Should that happen, I expect massive pushback and noncompliance at the state level and by individual firearm owners as well as law enforcement. It simply isn’t enforceable, period.

My nick name is Nana but full name is nana flower T-shirt

That doesn’t mean moronic ideas about “gun control” will disappear as witnessed in Sheila Jackson Lee’s stunningly idiotic bill about making all gun owners purchase $800 worth of liability insurance on the theory that will price gun ownership out of the reach of criminals—forgetting, of course, that criminals don’t register their firearms, don’t obey gun laws and wouldn’t buy the insurance anyway. Such is the intelligence of our congressional “leaders”. Fortunately, the majority of the true idiots are confined to the House, and, should this bill somehow get to the Senate, it’s certain to fail there.

My nick name is Nana but full name is nana flower T-s unisex, hoodie, sweatshirt

As for any further gun control policies, the only people any laws, both those currently in place or being considered, affect are law-abiding firearm owners. Criminals have the curious habit of disobeying laws—that’s why we call them “criminals”—and they would ignore any new ones. The cretins in the “gun control” camp can’t seem to grasp the concept that “gun control” only affects people who obey laws, and they’ve never been the problem in the first place.

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