Unicorn i’m a good nurse i just cuss a lot hoodie

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Unicorn i'm a good nurse i just cuss a lot unisex hoodie

You are a nurse, but you cuss a lot, this Unicorn i’m a good nurse i just cuss a lot shirt is a cute shirt that you should have. Is swearing bad? One of the reasons why there’s probably this strong correlation is that swearing has such an emotional impact. You’re demonstrating that you have a sophisticated theory of mind about the person that you’re talking to, and that you have worked out where the limit is between being shocking enough to make them giggle or notice you’ve used it but not so shocking that they’ll be mortally offended. That’s a hard target to hit right in the bullseye. Using swear words appropriate for that person shows how well you know them; and how well you understand their mental model.

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