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These developments suggest that something out of the ordinary happened in the US, even though the country is located about halfway around the Earth from China’s Wuhan center. US health officials assess the lack of vigorous measures and the fact that many people have ignored the guidelines of “maintaining social gap” over the past few months that may have led to a sharp increase in the number of US infections. putting pressure on the national health system. Meanwhile, the New York Times quoted experts as pointing out that the “big enemy” that makes the epidemic spread rapidly in some US cities is its high population density. For example, New York is more crowded than any other city in the US, with about 28,000 people / 2.5km2, while San Francisco is next with about 17,000 people / 2.5km2. In such small spaces, the virus is easily spread through crowded subways, apartment buildings, amusement parks … Some researchers have also found a similarity between New York and Wuhan in terms of population density.

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