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Tonight he won’t be going to a club or “grimy basement corridor,” but instead will “take a trip on an escalator to hell: the dystopian saloon of London’s Canary Wharf.” Squeezing past entryways and floating up glowing escalators on the way to a dinner under the stars, it’s a fitting scene for the moment. While he works toward an installation for Glasgow International next summer and starts preproduction on his new film, Rat King, he’s also interested in addressing the obvious low point that the past year has created. “I work in the production of fantasy, and science fiction and fantasy aren’t about predicting our future so much as diagnosing our current aspirations and anxieties,” explains Van Zyl. “We have to take consolations where we can find them, though, and somehow try to mix into this dread a heavy dose of humor.”

Dogecoin to the moon cool dogecoin cryptocurrency shirt

Then Van Zyl chooses a color scheme. “I’m a sucker for cheap and cheerful Kryolan makeup, because its outdated theatrical aesthetic makes me feel like a true old queen,” he says. A clown-white base coats the face before Van Zyl blends and tops the look with powdery blue contours. Graphic details around the eyes and neck are mapped with a brush-tipped eyeliner similar to NYX Epic Wear Eye & Body Liquid Liner. White setting powder locks in the final lines and doubles as a way of “highlighting the kind of brighter areas of the face” for a photo-ready finish strong enough to withstand the level of sweat that wearing a skintight waterproof suit inevitably invites. Rather than worrying too much about “lockdown DIY grooming,” he frames his face with faux swirls of hair and puts on a little hat. Taking the final masterpiece off is its own process. “Because my face tends to be a crust of stubborn greasepaint, superglue, and prosthetic residue by the time I get home, I have to drunkenly steam myself in a boiling shower before I use Kryolan Make-Up Remover to dissolve all the gunk into a slurry that can then be removed with something tried and tested like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser,” says Van Zyl.

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For centuries, ritual bathing has been practiced in China for its soothing mind-body benefits. And come winter, any dip in the tub would be remiss not to include a zing of ginger, says Anna Lam, founder of natural skin-care brand GingerChi.

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