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Woodstock is Snoopy’s little bird friend from that peanuts. I don’t think he’s retarded. Straight outta Compton? I’m saying he is an actual retarded person. Baby, you were more mixed up than a milkshake. No is actually retarded, he used to take classes in a trailer outside the Merry Dickmas Women’s Penis Christmas Shirt What’s more,I will buy this school. This is an advanced joke. First, a dog violates you, then he takes your girl. I just called him doc. Because that’s what he’s called in the documentary. Everyone chill, I’m literally pointing out how shitty he is, but I guess that’s not enough. I added quotes now. I didn’t even call him a doctor, Ph.D. or MD, but you guys are clearly very educated. Doc Antle reminds me of a Will Ferrell type of character.

Merry Dickmas Women’s Penis Christmas Shirt


Roman cities of what is now western Turkey. While conducting research for this project, I spent two summers wandering around dozens of remote Turkish archaeological sites, where I frequently encountered kangas guarding flocks of sheep or goats. I just want to revel a little in the Merry Dickmas Women’s Penis Christmas Shirt What’s more,I will buy this fact that the guy in the story named his terrifying dog Puppy. That’s amazing. Thanks so much for the entertaining dog information! This is random but you might be able to help me, My first dog’s name was Abraxas, is that a Greek name at all. Levantine intellectuals in the 1st century AD. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but the name Cerberus comes from the Greek Kerberos which might have meant “spotted”. Which means Hades is a massive dork who named his guard dog “Spot”. Are there any works that deal with the history of dog-breeding and dog-training? How does the modern treatment of dogs compare with how it was done in the past.

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