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Reuters reported that Paris Hilton has been suing since 2007, accusing Hallmark of violating her privacy and violating her image when she took a scene from the reality television show The Simple Life to print on her birthday card. The theme of the $ 2.5 card was “Paris Day Waitress”, with her apron wearing the same tagline: “Don’t touch it. Very hot. ” Customers ask: “What is hot?”. She answered, “Very hot.”

Hallmark filed a petition in the Supreme Court, saying that they had transformed Paris into a woman like countless others, not using her image. The context of the card is also different from her film, while the phrase “Very hot” refers to the temperature of the food plate. However, the court rejected the request and returned it to the lower court to continue the case. Judge Diarmuid OScannlain said that the context in the card was like a movie. “We saw Paris Hilton, the girl who was born in velvet and went to work as a waiter,” he said.


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