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As a result of our newfound focus on 24/7 livability, some previously hot trends are falling fast out of favor. The decline of mid-century modern, once the Mom Goals signature shirt it is in the first place but design choice du jour, continues: “While the mid-century look was very popular, now that people are actually hanging out in their living spaces for hours at a time, there is a strong trend towards furniture that is big on soft, comfy sofas and chairs that allow you to lounge with ease,” says Timothy Corrigan. Robert McKinley also predicts a similar fate for another style: minimalism. “I think minimalism will begin to go by the wayside in 2021,” he says. “As we spend more time in our homes, we need more objects to hold our attention. All that empty space can be suffocating.” Oh, and perhaps back off the beige. “The all-beige catalogue look is out,” proclaims Ireland. “Be bold and decorate with conviction.”

Mom Goals signature shirt

Below, seven experts share how unprecedented times will affect interior tastes and the Mom Goals signature shirt it is in the first place but trends they will usher in.

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