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But when summer turned to fall and the In our house we are all equal shirt city began awakening from its long slumber—when my local French bistro started putting tables on the sidewalk, with each group of diners enclosed in their very own transparent vinyl bubble—a deep need to mark the passage of time, to create a sense of occasion in my now largely occasion-less world, stirred within me.“Lipstick is a transparent emotional layer that defines your mood, feeling, confidence, and creates character,” Pat McGrath, the latter-day guru of lip color, confirms via email, writing from the spring collections in Europe, where fashion marched on and designers made it clear that they hadn’t given up on lipstick. In Milan, makeup artist Lucia Pieroni sent dewy water nymphs down the Versace runway, sprayed with actual H2O, their lips sheathed in dazzling, otherworldly shades of orange and coral; there was a strong-mouth moment at Max Mara, too (think dark-lipped, urban warriors), and at Patou in Paris, where Guillaume Henry’s pretaped ode to joy included voluminous floral smocks, Provençal collars, and sporadic slashes of deep crimson lip color.


When all else fails turn up the music and dance with your dog peanut shirtWhen all else fails turn up the music and dance with your dog peanut s hoodiee

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