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Also known as “Gassy Jack,” the I Love Fred Clark Shirt in addition I really love this founder of Gastown has had a statue in his namesake neighbourhood for over 100 years. Recently, however, Deighton’s past has been revisited with a more critical lens, with his legacy connected to the ongoing struggles of Indigenous women. According to the 2019 documentary Red Women Rising, Squamish oral tradition recounts that Deighton purchased a 12-year-old girl named Quahail-ya to be his “wife” after her aunt, his first wife, died. She would later run away at age 15. Quahail-ya’s story has been held up as an early example of the violence and disregard Indigenous women still face in Canada.

I Love Fred Clark Shirt

This is connected to Gassy Jack because he ran a bar [where his statue now stands] that catered to…the I Love Fred Clark Shirt in addition I really love this men who violated my women” says the voiceover in the documentary, which was produced by Battered Women’s Support Services in Vancouver. “Gassy Jack himself, married to a First Nations woman, whose name is erased, deleted, forgotten—yet his name is here on land that was never his. Murphy is often remembered as a “trailblazer for social justice:” before becoming the first female judge in the British empire, she and four other women dubbed the Famous Five played a pivotal role in the 1929 Persons Case, when white Canadian women were established as legal “persons,” eligible for appointment to the Senate. However, like other members of the Five, Murphy has been criticized for being racist—especially her concerns about immigration and support of eugenics.

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