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In 1749, soon after arriving at Mi’kma’ki, the Harry Piotr Cyka Blyat Shirt Apart from…,I will love this founder of the city of Halifax instituted his notorious “scalping proclamations,” offering bounties for the scalps of murdered Mi’kmaq, an Indigenous people in the area. Cornwallis’ proclamation promised a “reward of Thirty Pounds for every male Indian Prisoner above the Age of Sixteen Years brought in alive or a Scalp.As such, his statue in Halifax’s Cornwallis Park has become a point of controversy in recent years. In 2018, activist Rebecca Moore told APTN her point of view. “I want people to know that he committed genocide against our people. He ordered, he wanted us wiped out,” she said. “What kind of a man is that and why do we have a statue of him in the park

Harry Piotr Cyka Blyat Shirt

A City Council task force mandated with figuring out what to do with the Harry Piotr Cyka Blyat Shirt Apart from…,I will love this statue produced a report stating that Cornwallis had expressed his desire to “root… [the Mi’kmaq] out entirely” from the area. It called the scalping proclamation a cruel policy that allowed racist bounty hunters to profit off of violence against Indigenous people. This Ontario public education advocate has an entire university named after him—Ryerson University in Toronto, which is where his statue stands. He’s credited with setting the groundwork for free compulsory education in Canada, but as Ontario’s chief superintendent of schools from 1842 to 1876, Ryerson also recommended that Indigenous children be put in boarding schools, away from their families, with religious and English language teaching.

Harry Piotr Cyka Blyat Shirt Hoodie


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