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Indeed, in the absence of the feedback, validation and approval we would ordinarily get from face-to-face interactions from colleagues and senior team members, working from home alone means we become our own overly critical bosses. “Often people work more and harder from home, self-policing in a way that is much stricter than any external management expectations would be,” says Dr Schaffner, explaining that this feeds a perpetual cycle of stress and anxiety, which not only has a negative impact on our work but more importantly on our well-being.

Official American Flag 50 Star Shirt

Burnout can affect anyone, however, as Dr Schaffner argues, some groups are more susceptible, particularly those in the caring professions. Research from 2018 found two out of three doctors in China were suffering from burnout, while a U.S. study found that 78 percent of physicians were struggling. Elsewhere, 2019 data shows medical professionals in Jamaica and Canada also have burnout symptoms while the rate of staff leaving the UK’s NHS due to excessive stress nearly tripled over the past seven years—and this was all before COVID-19.

Official American Flag 50 Star Shirt hoodie

One can only imagine the ways in which the pandemic has exacerbated these struggles. In fact, new research from China highlights the scale of the impact on frontline nurses, meanwhile, as more people are hospitalized with the virus in the U.S., experts suggest health workers are potentially reaching psychological breaking points.

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