Myfrogtee – The Marvel Stay home T-shirt

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“When you’re forced to be with your thoughts, be by yourself, it can be scary and uncomfortable. I feel that every day. But I also feel the The Marvel Stay home T-shirt Besides,I will do this need to ask myself, ‘Why am I so uncomfortable?’ ‘Where are these thoughts coming from?’ ‘Why can’t I just sit by myself and feel at peace and at home?’ It’s been about digging into those questions in a way that we wouldn’t get to do, if it weren’t for the time we’ve had to reflect this year. If we’re given the opportunity to hang out with friends or go to a party, most people would rather do that than take time to sit and hash out those demons and insecure feelings. I feel like a lot of people, including myself, have been given that opportunity during quarantine.

The Marvel Stay home T-shirt

“We’re all spending so much more time at home, so naturally we’re going to gravitate to our electronics, which can be a good thing. Like many, I’ve been connecting with friends and family. Social media allows us to share information about the The Marvel Stay home T-shirt Besides,I will do this Black Lives Matter movement, or put crucial resources on our stories or profiles about things going on in the world. It has given people awareness and the means to take action, which maybe they wouldn’t have if they didn’t see it on their timeline or feed. The negative part of social media is that it can create feelings of inadequacy — we need to examine the debilitating and damaging aspects that social media can bring into our lives, especially when we’re using it as a crutch in times of uncertainty.

The Marvel Stay home T-s Hoodie

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