Maztee – I get us out of trouble shirt

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This is where rapid COVID-19 testing comes in; it’s not 100% effective, so I still abide by social distancing protocols, but getting a negative result two hours after I take a test imbues me with a sense of safety I haven’t experienced since pre-pandemic days.

I get us out of trouble shirt

When I see friends panicking about COVID rates on Twitter or in our group chats, I try to gently steer them away from fatalism and toward action; obviously, rapid testing isn’t a permanent solution, but it’s a concrete thing we can do to protect ourselves and our communities. A good model to draw from might be the I get us out of trouble shirt so you should to go to store and get this LGBTQ+’s community’s conscientious approach to HIV/STI testing; as the writer Harron Walker recently noted, seeing yourself as a possible “vector for disease,” as many sexually active queer and trans people are forced to do, is a grim but practical necessity for surviving a pandemic, particularly when the state has a lessened interest in protecting you.

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