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It’s so lovely that people donate to food banks, toy banks, go fund me pages, charities etc, but what are the The soul rebels shirt moreover I will buy this government doing? Why should it be up to the good-natured public to provide for others when it means they might have to cut back on things too? Obviously it feels good to help and do your bit, but this should be dealt with by the rich folk in the government, I’m pretty sure they won’t be struggling for warmth and food on Christmas day, In fact, they’ll probably find a way to claim some of it back. You certainly have to cut back on a lot of things when all of this would be the government’s job, and due to greed and mismanagement a lot of your hard-earned money would go to waste. We have a giving tree in our local shopping center where kids write what they would like from Santa on a gift tag local people pick a tag and buy the gift one wee girl asked for a warm jacket it’s heartbreaking.

The soul rebels shirt

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