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Turns out, it was just the Toilet Champion in bathroom shirt in other words I will buy this beginning. We made plans to hang out at my apartment, and he stayed through the weekend and the next week, too. We picked up extra clothes for him at Target and stocked up on food together. We had fun watching old movies, playing cards, drinking wine, and looking at way too many quarantine memes. When my parents sent care packages of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes, he helped me unpack them. If I got anxious about the pandemic, he rubbed my back. We put on gloves and went for long walks staying six feet apart from people.. We spent hours talking. After a few days, we decided to become exclusive in maybe the most millennial way ever by deleting all dating apps from our phones. ‘I don’t want to date anyone else,’ he told me. I didn’t either. In texts and Zoom calls to my friends, he is now officially Quarantine Bae.

Toilet Champion in bathroom shirt

We’ve learned so much about each other being in close-quarters during quarantine, and it’s deepened our feelings in a really short amount of time. Last week, he told me he loved me. I said it back and meant it. In a way, it feels like we fast-forwarded through the Toilet Champion in bathroom shirt in other words I will buy this honeymoon period and straight into the comfortable-relationship mode. We’ve had arguments and come up with compromises. We ask each other for advice on work problems. He’s a huge comfort during this scary moment in time, and I’m grateful to have him. I never expected to get a boyfriend or to fall in love during isolation, but here we are.

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