Iteeress-Cannabis Pretty Little Pothead shirt

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Cannabis Pretty Little Pothead longsleeved

Cannabis Pretty Little Pothead longsleeved

That depends on the Cannabis Pretty Little Pothead shirt employer. It is still an illegal federation, so any employer who works with the federal government cannot allow it. Or they may lose the contract, some won’t because they don’t believe that. It is legal, some have their home office in another state. And set their policies based on the laws of those states. And will only change if Michigan requires it. Some people don’t allow it. Their employees smoke, they probably won’t allow marijuana (yes I know it is appropriate). And still, others will be fine with it until they can use it against employees ( eg termination, accident, etc.). I suspect that very few employers will be okay with it and not employ employees but use them when it benefits the employer, even if it becomes a legal union.


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