Iteeres-Bingo Player 2020 Quarantined T-shirt

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Bingo Player 2020 Quarantined longsleeved

Bingo Player 2020 Quarantined longsleeved

In the early days in Bingo Player 2020 Quarantined T-shirt America, bingo was originally called Beano and people would mark the numbers on their cards by placing a bean on it. People will scream beano “when they have a line covered. Except for once, someone texted and said bingo”, and that name got stuck because a toy manufacturer heard it, and started marketing it under that name. It started in the US playing at rural fairs and players of all ages enjoyed it. Yes, kids are allowed to play, but most kids don’t really like it these days, and plus they don’t seem to like hanging out with older people, so over time, the crowds play the lot. I got old and became a place where only the more grown-up didn’t have much else to hang out with.


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