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Happy belated birthday, Cardi B! Yesterday, the Funny Cobra Kai shirt so you should to go to store and get this rapper turned 28, and she marked the milestone by dressing up in Las Vegas. Cardi put her glamorous style on full display this weekend: She slipped into a striking gown by Lena Berisha, a label out of Kosovo, which included a cagey metallic top and draped skirt. She also wore luxurious diamond earrings from Gismondi 1754. It’s a red carpet-ready look, and we would expect nothing less from a star who is known to lounge by the pool in vintage Chanel and Hermès. A special birthday calls for an even more special look.

Funny Cobra Kai shirt

Even more special, however, was the Funny Cobra Kai shirt so you should to go to store and get this surprise birthday gift that Cardi received from Kylie Jenner this weekend. (She starred in the “WAP” music video with her and Megan Thee Stallion, in case you forgot.) On her Instagram Stories, Cardi posted a video of her unboxing a gift that arrived from Jenner. Inside lay a baby blue Hermès Birkin bag. “Look at this Birkin! Thank you, Kylie Jenner,” Cardi said in the video. “Bing Bylie—she goes by King Kylie, but you know we gotta B, B, B.” It’s a generous gift, but for a generous person: Lest we not forget that Cardi also gifted Megan Thee Stallion a customized Birkin bag this summer as well. In the world of A-list celebrities, it seems a Birkin bag is the new birthday card.When Alexis McGill Johnson was  president of Planned Parenthood this June, the 48-year-old social justice advocate had her work cut out for her. Abortion access was already. before the recent death of Supreme Court Justice, the fight is more urgent than ever.“These are incredibly turbulent times, and it has been exhausting,” McGill Johnson told Vogue via phone last week. “But it’s also been incredibly hopeful to see our supporters’ response in this moment.” Coney Barrett’son it during her confirmation hearings this week. Now, Planned Parenthood has begun a new art series initiative to preserve “the people’s seat,” in honor of the late justice’s final wish to not confirm a successor until after the election. The “All Rise for Justice” art series, which collaborated with visual artists Tiffany Alfonseca, Julian Alexander, Deva Pardue, and Shepard Fairey to visually illustrate the potential danger of putting Barrett on the Supreme Court, was designed to make people engage with this fraught topic in a new way.

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