If you’ve never owned a pitbull please shut up shirt

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If you've never owned a pitbull please shut up unisex hoodie

If you’ve never owned a pitbull please shut up shirt is a trending shirt that you should have if you love pitbull. Pit Bulls have a bad reputation especially from those who don’t know a lot about the breed. Any responsible dog owner who has ever owned a Pit Bull knows that this is far from the truth. The fact is, Pit Bulls make wonderful pets and have better temperaments than many of the more common breeds of dogs. Unfortunately, those people who don’t have a proper understanding of the breed spread fear of Pit Bulls by believing what the media reports about them without learning the facts. Pit Bulls are not cold blooded aggressive killers, in fact, they are quite the opposite. In temperament tests performed by the American Temperament Test Society, 86.4% of the Pit Bulls tested passed the temperament tests. Compare this to the Beagle who scored 80.6% and the Chihuahua who only scored 70.4% on the temperament test. Although Pit Bulls may be dog aggressive, this problem can be nipped in the bud with early socialization. What this character test means is that Pit Bulls are less likely to be aggressive than several of the more popular breeds.

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