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To create a strong visual identity that honored the Retirement plan playing trombone trombones shirt but in fact I love this source material, McNeal sourced costumes with a vintage feel. “It’s a lot packed into a short,” he says. “We’re tackling the entire alphabet, and it has to connect to the 1970s and its aesthetic. There are 36 different outfits in total, and you’ll see a lot of different brands packed in. There are pieces from Telfar, Bode, Thom Browne, Greg Lauren, Johnny Nelson and Issey Miyake and they all have a retro vibe that worked.” Connecting all this to Jones’s lyrics required careful consideration. “I’m such a fan of Topaz as a musician, but also just as a person, and this is his story,” says McNeal. “It delves into all the things that have influenced his life, but in a way that feels universal. It goes beyond style. When we say ‘V is for vulnerability’ and then discuss that with a Black therapist, or do ‘A is for amphetamines,’ it’s exploring topics that aren’t always easy to address.”

Retirement plan playing trombone trombones shirt

McNeal’s knack for capturing a mood was evident to Jones long before they began working together. Friends for several years, McNeal was the Retirement plan playing trombone trombones shirt but in fact I love this director’s only choice. “I would call Eric’s process spiritual and holistic. We were already friends, but we spent a lot of time just learning more about each other’s stories. I think there was a lot of overlap in what drew him to clothes and myself to music,” explains Jones. “All of those conversations helped to inform the looks in the film. Onset, he was constantly guiding us in alignment with our mission. In addition to being secretly hilarious and just one of my favorite people, Eric is an ideal collaborator because he has a unique ability to balance the tiniest detail and the totality of a concept. He doesn’t just throw himself into a project without thought or because they’re offering him a bag. It has to move him. His soul has to be involved.”

Retirement plan playing trombone trombones s Hoodie

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