I love my sister even though she farts Mug

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I love my sister even thought she farts unisex hoodie

This I love my sister even though she farts shirt is for you if you love your sister. “My sisters understand things that no one else does. Since we spent so much time together, we had moments together that resulted in the best inside jokes. Every time I tell them I’m upset, they’re sure to bring up an instance that’ll have me laughing in no time. My sisters have stopped me from making the worst decisions many times. If I wanted an ugly haircut, they weren’t afraid to tell me how bad I would look. They made sure to keep me in the right mindset as I did with them. None of my friends will remember any funny memories from my childhood because they weren’t there. My sisters will always know what I’m talking about, though, and we’ll spend hours laughing and reminiscing. That’s the thing about sisters: We’re always there, even if we aren’t. Sometimes I get busy while away at college and I go a week or two without talking to my sisters. As soon as I call them again, though, we’re back to gossiping and joking around as if the last time we talked was the day before.”

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