Horror Halloween Water Shadows shirt

But for Harley Quinn, that’s another story. A character created with the sole purpose of becoming a side-kick for the Joker in the Batman-Robin pattern, isn’t the “emotional thing” between them the reason for the Harley Quinn character? Otherwise, the authors can create a Joker side-kick character in the form of a dwarf, hooked nose, stupid face, extremely docile and evil no one else.

So what does Harley Quinn mean to the Joker? First of all, Harley is no less than a TOY TO him. She was like his own “product”, created by Dr. Harleen Quinzel that was broken, “reproduced” on his own, and he had his own toy to use at his disposal. Use, torture with all the joy he has. Even the times when Harley ran away just to remind him that his toy needed to be “modified.” Joker’s possession of Harley is also evident in this “role”, when his toy can only be HIS, and used by him. And that’s the reason you can see in Suicide Squad, the Joker tries to “save” Harley over and over again.


Source: Mumtee.com

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