Hockey gives me a Zamboner shirt

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Hockey gives me a Zamboner shirt

Love your show but have to say how disappointed I am that FOX has chosen Shepard Smith to be the announcer for President Bush’s funeral! Simply can not stand Shepard Smith so immediacy switched the channel! Please please please please please please play more Trump things like Sean Hannity, Rush, Larry cudlow, laura ingtaham,tucker & scrap 90 percent of this Fait & balanced f shit. We want Trump to win. If u don’t u will lose yr fiewers. & cnn will win. Adrienne Elrod s a stone cold moron with the Hockey gives me a Zamboner shirt. Turning this BS off. She’s losing viewership for you, quit trying to shove her BS down our throats! Does that mean we must watch 5 minutes of adds to 3 minutes of news or repeating up coming news. YEAH KATIE P she just shoved Juan Williams narrative regarding this leaking nonsense right up his fanny, shoved it right down his throat.Good for YOU Katie…FACTS vs LIES, twisted facts to suit Williams agenda..Juan is just a Trump hater..if Trump were a black liberal…Juan too would get a “tingly” feeling in his leg. I truly feel sorry for Juan, he just a miserably human being who is thee poster child for TDS….go home and suck on your baby bottle Williams..ONLY ONE person I know of, who works for Fox News, that was FIRED from their job (NPR) for racist, bigoted remarks..that is JUAN WILLIAMS !

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