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A dream for next year’s Halloween, this Natasha Zinko collection, cocreated again with her son, Ivan, explored superstition and fear with an ironic touch that made the Stitch Dandelion 2020 Shirt but in fact I love this results thankfully more akin to Scary Movie than The Human Centipede. Morticia and Wednesday Addams, both of whom had fantastic personal style, were referenced in cutely spooky-cool ghoul dresses. Betelgeuse’s striped suit was refashioned into masculine loungewear. The Shining’s Grady Twins were given a wardrobe upgrade into Clueless-ish Chanel-referencing bouclé, and Marilyn Manson lurked gloomily in the background. Ailurophobes and triskaidekaphobics won’t relish the abundance of black cat and number 13 references in this collection. Ivan, who happens to be aged 13, said that the cat was based on a real feline who had become familiar with the Zinkos during their lockdown in Ukraine. Added Natasha: “During the lockdown people spent a long time with themselves, and there was a lot of fear, sometimes irrational fear, that they had to confront. This is what made us think about confronting superstition.”

Stitch Dandelion 2020 Shirt

Mohair-mix check shirts for men flew thanks to the Stitch Dandelion 2020 Shirt but in fact I love this addition of batwing details on the shoulders, and the brand’s best-selling slides were expressed in black floral and lip print. The Zinkos’ family brand continues to be a little mysterious itself—what lies beneath?—but this made for a diverting enough episode in its ongoing story.

Stitch Dandelion 2020 Shirt hoodie

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