Halloween The Exorcist Captain Howdy shirt

Did you have a mom or dad or somebody that seemed almost God like or at least super hero status? I did. I thought my daddy knew everything. And mostly he did. I would have done anything to make my dad happy I guess. Luckily God blessed me with a kind, loving dad. He had a big heart and was never short on the Halloween The Exorcist Captain Howdy shirt besides I will buy this atta girls or I’m proud of yous. Now, imagine that same person without the loving kindness. The child trying to please someone larger than life that can not be pleased. Or they control in every way how you will please them if you do. A child searching instinctively for something that is not there. It’s a facade. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The child either conforms to their will in every way or suffer the consequences. My ex and his mother. Two peas in pod those two. They sit around and she talks.

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