GOT Milk Tormund Brienne shirt

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GOT Milk Tormund Brienne shirt

Also, hasn’t anyone ever told you that’s TERRIBLE for your eardrums. I mean I know this goes without saying but I’d hate to be his audiologist.but wait, there’s more! when i tried to give him the universal signal for “hey, buddy, turn that noise down” (you know, where you twist your face into the most annoying expression ever while simultaneously rolling your eyes and forming your hand into a down arrow and then on a non-stop loop pointing that hand-down-arrow at the floor–you know the one) but he had the nerve to smile at me and wave. ummm, no, author guy, this isn’t me attempting to initiate a friendly game of table charades. TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN! finally, after about two minutes of my gesturing I got his attention again and this time he removed his earbuds.

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