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Foxen Duke, the Leelan-Awesome 2020 Shirt moreover I love this founder of Stop Fighting Food, also pointed out that the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 will pose new challenges for mental health care recipients and providers. “The economy is tanking, which will disable many resources [for those who suffer from eating disorders]. I’m already seeing people saying, ‘I just lost 25% of my money overnight, my business has closed down.’ Online therapy is a bit of an adjustment, but it’s the least of our problems when you look at people losing access to care altogether.”

Leelan-Awesome 2020 Shirt


It’s almost like food restriction has been validated by the Leelan-Awesome 2020 Shirt moreover I love this current social narrative regarding COVID-19—not that pervasive imagery in the media wasn’t validating it in the first place,” said eating disorder sufferer Jen, 25. Resources like the NEDA Helpline and Overeaters Anonymous telephone meetings are important tools in the fight to equip eating disorder sufferers with virtual resources, but everyone who’s online can play a part—at a time like this, it’s on all of us to make sure our behavior isn’t inadvertently making matters worse for those around us. Names have been changed

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