Double doink Philadelphia Eagles hoodie

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Double doink Philadelphia Eagles unisex hoodie

Let’s take this Double doink Philadelphia Eagles shirt if you are a big fan of Philadelphia Eagles. “I think Philly is a no-nonsense city and we have a really obnoxious pride about ourselves for absolutely no reason. I think I share that. I was actually just at the Eagles game last Thursday and I went with a Jets fan and he got into multiple fights, none of which he picked. I think we’re also really proud of how obnoxious we are. You play into it. I feel like I get to be more obnoxious than a usual person when it comes to sports. Even when I’m at work I actually get to watch the games walking by rooms and it’s actually fun [because] on the telemetry monitors where we monitor heart rates, everyone’s heart rates go up really high when the game is going. As soon as you say you’re an Eagles fan people always give you shit and bring up the Santa Claus incident, from like 30 years ago. I don’t think that will ever die, it’s brought up literally every time. I don’t mind it though because then I get to get a little aggressive about it.”

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