Customxmas-Irish Lives Matter shirt

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Irish Lives Matter shirt

Talking about law and order is his way of ignoring the Irish Lives Matter shirt and by the same token and two elephants in the room, Black lives matter and covid 19. He is hiding in the bunker Craig Caples yea so he can rest up for the next 4 years he gets elected for. They only care about PELOSI & she can’t even remember who she was kneeling for we all go for trump 2020He needs to be everywhere where ever he wants.

Irish Lives Matter shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

They’ve been snatching people left and right and now Seattle is pretty much empty of protesters lolHow can people be so against this man. But trump handled it like a mob boss and sent the Irish Lives Matter shirt and by the same token and fbi task force in on the sneak tip lol. Its funny, the left tried to bate trump into sending in the military so he would look like a dictator.

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