Cow Not in the Moooood shirt

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Cow Not in the Moooood shirt

Why would the president be worried Marie, as he has said there was nothing wrong with him continuing his business while a candidate in case he wasn’t elected. He still didn’t “collude” with Russia to win the election. You and your libturds need to quit “reading between the lines” and salivating over everyhing Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer or anyone else that did business with him says in order to “save themself” jail time. How many people in your administration including Barack Obama lied???? Plenty!!!!! The Cow Not in the Moooood shirt with radicals, either terrorists, liberals or conservatives, is that they respond on instinct instead of facts. The story about the Students and the Old Indian, on instinct resulted in hatred by liberals against the students, but alas, the truth proved that these radicals were wrong and that the students actually were the only adults in the situation. These 2 are the most annoying pair. They gossip and giggle over everything. I fully expect a rodent of some kind to crawl out of Bill’s toupee. I WANT NEWS! NOT GOSSIP!!!! It would look better if they each had their own desk. Don’t like them so close to each other, creates a gossipy atmosphere. I actually rarely watch FOX anymore due to shows like this. Between rapist Rivera and Juan Farrakhan, it’s like a Rogue’s Gallery of misfits.

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