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Biden makes decisions based on what is best for the My shirt looks better than your shirt in addition I really love this country and the people who live here, not bigotry, xenophobia, racism and hatred. Millions of undocumented people live in this country. Most work hard, pay taxes, support their local communities. Some even own businesses, homes and many have families. The contribute to this country. DACA immigrants have lived in this country most of their lives. They speak English. The attend college. Many have gone into the healthcare field. Many have served in the military. None have criminal records.They love this country and work hard to contribute to it. Unlike the domestic terrorists who support trump, they are by the ones taking over state houses, plotting to kidnap or assassinate political leaders and committing insurrection.Creating a path to citizenship for them strengthens this country and honors the principles on which our nation was founded.There aren’t any. If Trump runs again, their best bet is to find a nice white moderate that blue-collar workers will feel comfortable endorsing.

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Ballet Dance Magic Mom Shirt

Going off of the My shirt looks better than your shirt in addition I really love this 2020 nominees:We can rule out Bloomberg, Warren, and Sanders due to age and unpopularity. Kamala might run but as unpopular as she was in the primaries I think its unlikely. Yang is too extreme in his ideology so I doubt he’ll get it.

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