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The day is a traditional day for family and friends to get together for a special meal. This special meal usually includes turkey, potatoes, blueberry sauce, pumpkin pie, greens … Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for many people to give thanks to what they have. This is also a time for traveling trips to visit family and friends. One morning, Nguyen went to Starbucks and told the salesgirl to ask for a very hot cappuccino, then stood quietly looking outside. The wind blows clouds through the roofs. The top maple trees are releasing red, yellow and brown leaves. This morning, turning on the TV hasn’t seen tornado alarms and snowstorms. But the rain and thunderstorm are coming along with the festivities. It was Halloween recently, and coming soon is Thanksgiving. In the bustle of the world, the chilly atmosphere of autumn also warms up with gatherings of friends and relatives. But Thanksgiving, in its deep spirit, is not only about gathering for food but also for giving thanks and remembering. Thanks

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