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Assuming that we start counting from about 50,000 B.C., the time when modern Homo sapiens appeared on the earth (and not from 700,000 B.C. A cradle of filth, jesus is a cunt shirt

When the ancestors of Homo sapiens appeared, or several million years ago when hominids were present), taking into account that all population data are a rough estimate, and assuming a constant growth rate applied to each period up to modern times, it has been estimated that a total of approximately 106 billion people have been born since the dawn of the human species, making the population currently alive roughly 6% of all people who have ever lived on planet Earth.

A cradle of filth, jesus is a cunt shirt

Low birth rates combined with increased longevity, in China, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and parts of Europe are beginning to challenge the health and financial security of their elderly populations. The infant mortality rate decreased from 97.1 deaths per 1,000 live births in 1971 to 17 in 2011, while an increasing proportion of the population living in urban settings could also play a role: fertility rates are generally higher in rural areas.

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