24 years 1997 2021 pokemon thank you for the memories shirt

Doing a drastic change didn’t really occur to me until recently. I started to feel like people weren’t listening to what was important to me, partially because they were distracted by my hair. I might be doing a livestream where I’m talking about how oyster farming can better the 24 years 1997 2021 pokemon thank you for the memories shirt environment, and then I see people in the comments making Rick James or George Washington hair jokes. But I can’t control what kind of hair I have. And the reason I have bangs is because I’m a chef and I need my hair to be out of my face while I’m cooking. But I think sometimes the internet doesn’t really care about things like that. It’s too often a violent place for a lot of people. People want to hire Black, pay Black and center Black, but not protect Black people, even if just on the internet. My whole life has been filled with people telling me what they think I should or shouldn’t do, be it with my face or my hair. Black women are constantly being policed in this way: from what we wear and who we’re with, to how we say something, etc. There are so many opinions.

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